Living Fearlessly – Part 1

Recently our new US Attorney General, Eric Holder, pronounced that we’re a nation of cowards. Specifically he was referring to our reticence to debate issues of race. However stunning his tactless remark is, it does level to a Truth: that what we concern is the place we’re caught. Until we will rework that concern-based mostly perception, we’re doomed to residing that actuality just like the film, Groundhog Day.

Life is actually not that mysterious. In areas the place we refuse to acknowledge that we’re afraid, we preserve getting the identical actuality again and again, whats extra that actuality will get larger and larger till we cry “uncle”.

Currently in America we’re taking a look at an financial scenario the likes of which have not been skilled because the Great Depression. How did this occur? Well, it did not occur over night time, however slightly grew inch by micro inch over an extended time period based mostly on the assumption that there is not sufficient wealth. It is a concern based mostly perception that we do not have sufficient cash.

This perception then grew to have many correlating beliefs resembling: to be able to get mine, I’ll need to lie or fudge the details. If I do not go together with this group who has the large bucks, I’ll be shut out; if I inform the Truth, I will not have entry to cash. Go on and create extra statements of your personal. They may sound like, “I stayed with GM because I was afraid to try something new; or too old to do anything else.” “I bought this house and was too afraid to ask the details of the loan.” “I lied on my loan application, because if I didn’t I was afraid I wouldn’t get the house.” Always, it’s our concern when unacknowledged, causes us to make extra choices in concern, which by the Law of Attraction will create a good larger mess.

Now, multiply this by a nation of people that consider in lack. When we’re afraid, we shrink and get smaller, which is the other of Who We Really Are. We do not innovate and create, after we are paralyzed or frozen by our fears. A tiny concern, left unaltered, will develop into an enormous monster to lastly get our consideration that we now have to rework that concern-based mostly perception, into Love and Plenty. In quick, we now have to vary – our thoughts.

If we’re cowards, it’s only in that one occasion the place we run from the concern, slightly than identify it. The freedom begins the minute we cease operating, being distracted from and in any other case ignoring it. For the minute we identify it, we now have chosen our new course, which is pure. For instance: I’m so afraid that my spouse will depart me. I now know what it’s I do need – I desire a lengthy blissful relationship with this lady. My focus is now pointed in a totally new route from empty to full. The query I ask now that I do know what it’s I need is that this: How do we now have an extended, blissful relationship collectively?

Fear focuses us on the downward spiral to nowhere. Deciding the place we consciously need to go and focusing our spirit in that route asks the Big U to ship us all the knowledge with regards to full, blissful, relationships. We see them, we hear folks discuss as info is distributed to us in reply to our asking. Fear begets extra concern and will get us the consequence we do not need. Refocusing to the fullness of what’s needed will get us what’s desired.

If we knew this and if we believed this, we would not be so hesitant to face every concern and rejoice it as the right alternative to vary course and chart the specified route. Instead, we languish in concern. We cover it and disguise it behind drugs, tv, meals, sarcasm, and hate – no matter will distract us from that icky feeling. All the whereas we do not get it that the sensation of concern is our buddy.

This buddy has come to say, (*1*)

The hole between your human beliefs and your Godchip Knowing of Truth is the ache, as a result of the absence of Source all the time feels awful.

So what we could do about all this concern? Start recognizing every one, naming them. This is homework for every American, as a result of the collective consciousness is not going to shift till every particular person does his private work. How to start?

Sit down quietly and really feel the themes that you’re uneasy about. You may need to gentle a candle and placed on some good music, however set your intention to not scare your self to dying or attempt to remedy something. You are merely going to play a brand new sport known as, Name That Fear. The goal of this Game is to refocus you from feeling powerless (separation out of your Godchip) to the empowered route (the journey again into alignment with Source).

So, you may make your checklist as follows:

Current Fear New Desire:

I'm afraid that I'll lose my job. I need work that's uplifting, difficult and rewards my power contribution.

I'm afraid that I'll get a extremely dangerous illness. I need to reside lengthy and in full and ideal well being, with the vitality to do all the pieces I need to do.

You get the thought. Make your checklist, after which instantly think about what new wishes have simply been birthed.

Review this checklist of recent wishes and really feel the understanding within the readability of your new focus. It feels so good to be clear about understanding that I need uplifting, difficult work all the times of my life that rewards me effectively for my power and contribution. And how good does it really feel to be clear about wanting to reside an extended and blissful life in full and ideal well being. Whew! Clarity. Relief. Remember: that is solely about getting a brand new focus, not about fixing something. Feel the reduction of shifting your focus from concern to full.

The readability and reduction are the results of refocusing your Self to Truth and away from the lie. You could not have discovered the brand new route, till you checked out that concern and named it for what it was.

The subsequent step is to make a brand new checklist, with solely your new wishes on it.

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